Summour General Contracting and Maintenance Company was formed to meet modern engineering and construction challenges by successfully implementing, as a general contractor, civil and commercial projects in the UAE.Dowload Company Profile (PDF)

Summour General Contracting and Maintenance Company provides highly trained and well-experienced management executives, engineers and technical staff, consists of highly skilled workers and laborers. The company's structure and resources meet the high expectations of its clients, and can effectively respond to the exacting and challenging demands of construction activities in the UAE.

The company currently employees over 40 people engaging in different departments, and of various nationalities. It is endowed with the leadership of well-experienced construction management executives, civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, and highly competent technical staff.

Summour General Contracting and Maintenance Company will continue to expand their business, comprising full-scale and integrated capabilities in engineering, construction and maintenance.


To be a prime world class company in engineering and contracting; whose clients are satisfied with the value we provide. We aim for partners pleased to be associated and employees that are proud to belong.

SGCC Mission

To provide excellent, world-wide engineering and contracting services which:
  • Deliver fully accomplished commitments to the satisfaction of our clients
  • Ensure mutually beneficial ventures for our owners, partners and suppliers
  • Foster rewarding efforts and career advancement for our employees
  • Uphold people’s safety, health and overall humanitarian rights
  • Maintain being eco-friendly at all times
  • Sustain challenging opportunities for growth within a framework of corporate stability and growth



Ethics are the forefront of our dealings. We value each job and relationship as a trust.


We set high standards in our performance. We strive for the best every time and everywhere.


For us, nothing is unattainable when people work together in singleness of purpose. We see each other as team members, with abilities to share for the success of every project.
Continuous Improvement
Our expertise is proved by our ability to adapt to new methods of construction, as well as to re-invent our work systems to meet new challenges.                             


The stability of our future largely depends on our ability to plan and focus on specific goals, and to communicate those goals from management down to each employee.


We add value to the lives of people, we share in the development of the countries where we work; each structure we build is a need answered, a desire fulfilled, a dream come true.

We don’t only look for opportunities; we build them before, during and after construction. When we do our job, not only landscapes are changed, but lives are changed for the better, as well.

We draw the best from our people; we challenge them to realize their potential – what they have, what they can do, and what they can be – as individuals and as team members. We give birth to new leadership. When we set our objectives, strategies are developed, initiatives are taken, and characters are built.

We are a builder who respects those we work for, those we work with, and those who work for us. Everything we strive for is first and foremost built on relationship and trust. We understand that the strength of a building is measured by its foundation, that’s why we took the wisdom of building our organization on the solidness and firmness of integrity. We are Summour General Contracting and Maintenance Company